Terms and Conditions


Kiwiwifi Ltd is a Wireless Internet Service Provider.
The Customer requests that Kiwiwifi installs wireless radio equipment that is required in order to receive a Broadband Service delivered wirelessly from our nearest in-range Service Access Point locations.

Availability: The Services we offer may not be available in all areas/locations, or at the rates, speeds, or bandwidth marketed.

Broadband Services: Means Wireless-based Broadband Internet Services.

Equipment: Means Home Router (or modem), Radio Receiving Equipment, Antenna and Cabling.

Standard Installation: Means fitting a suitable pole mount, antenna dish and radio to roof. Laying up to approx. 20m of cable from the Radio equipment inside to the Home Router. Ensuring at least one customer device connects to the Internet via WiFi or CAT-5 cable. Speed testing to confirm throughput is within expected range.


The Customer agrees that they do hereby release the Kiwiwifi of the following:

Any claims, liabilities, losses, indirect or direct damages, whatsoever related to the Customer's use of the Service provided by Kiwiwifi unless caused by the proven neglect of the Kiwiwifi. The customer agrees this will include, but not be limited to, any damages, loss of profits, business loss, loss of expected savings, loss or damage to the Customer's hardware, software, files, data or any other direct or indirect loss of the Customer.
The Customer agrees that the Broadband may be cancelled by Kiwiwifi for any of the following reasons: Non-payment, Illegal activity, activity which disrupts the service or which affects the company's equipment, altering or relocating the Company's equipment.

The Customer owns all equipment when the install option has been fully paid. The Customer agrees however, not to sell, transfer or lease any part of the equipment provided by Kiwiwifi so that Kiwiwifi can provide the contracted service.

The Customer hereby agrees to pay to Kiwiwifi the full cost of repair and/or replacement of any lost, stolen, un-returned, damaged, sold, encumbered or assigned equipment, as well as full labour costs for any equipment required to supply this service under this contract.

Anything outside of a Standard Installation will be charged at (minimum $75 per hour +GST +Travel at 73 cents per kilometre) is additional. You will be verbally quoted before any work is done and will have the opportunity to sign your approval of non-standard work.

Kiwiwifi is committed to providing the Customer with the best broadband service 24 hours per day. However, Kiwiwifi does not guarantee uninterrupted service and does not guarantee error-free service.
The Customer agrees that Kiwiwifi is not responsible to the Customer for service problems that are not within its control.
The Customer understands that there may be times when the broadband may need to be adjusted and that there may be times when the service may be interrupted.

Issues that may contribute to interruption or instability of service include:

Trees (or other obstacles) that have grown or moved between your location and the Service access point providing your connection. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure these paths of connection are maintained and clear for optimum performance. Fees may be charged for diagnosing faults caused by obstructions to your line of sight paths. (See Extra Costs above)
Resetting your router. Resetting your router to factory condition will stop your connection by removing the authentication credentials. It is NOT a practice that Kiwiwifi supports - contrary to other provider practices. If you think you need to reset your router, please do call us first on 0800 999 589

Kiwiwifi reserves the right, at any time, or in emergencies without prior notice, to restrict or suspend the Services to perform maintenance activities.

Kiwiwifi plans offer download and upload speeds up to the stated Megabits per Second (Mb/s) across the Kiwiwifi Network. Advertised Plan speed refer to the maximum speed possible.

Outside of our network, many uncontrollable factors can and do influence bandwidth of the Service which will vary based on (but not limited to) Network or Internet congestion, your computer configuration, weather conditions. We may in certain circumstances implement traffic prioritization to ensure most important Internet traffic such as, but not limited to voice calls receive priority.

Speed tests operate outside our network however, outside of peak hours, we would expect a test to show speeds close to the plan offering. Speed tests should be considered a very rough guide only. Because of factors that influence speed outside of our control, Kiwiwifi cannot guarantee Broadband Service speeds based on the results of speed testing.

If the customer feels that their Internet speeds are consistently at a significantly lower than expected speed, they should contact the Kiwiwifi technical support team on 0800 999 589.

Virus protection is the responsibility of the customer. Kiwiwifi will not assume any liability for virus infection as a result of our service.

If you change from one pricing plan to another, any revision to the monthly fee for the new plan will take effect from the start of your next monthly billing period and any current month charges shall be pro-rated to the nearest day.

(This does not apply to a “No Fixed Term” install)

The Agreement will commence on the day of the completed installation and your home network is connected to the internet and shall continue for a period of 24 months.

The customer agrees to receive Kiwiwifi services for at least the length of this fixed period. After the fixed period, we will provide to you on a month by month basis until you cancel in writing.

If a customer terminates the service before the end of the 24month term, they agree to pay an early termination charge of $288.00 including GST.