“It has been a pleasure working with Kiwiwifi over the past several years. During this time we have seen significant improvement in our Internet with high speeds that we could not get before”. ‘The Kiwiwifi team has always been professional, helpful, and easily accessible. We recommend Kiwiwifi to anyone needing high speed and reliable Internet connection in rural areas.”

Gavin Alborn
Marahau Beach Camp - Marahau Water Taxis - Hooked on Marahau

Once I made contact, Kiwiwifi kept in touch with progress reports. Guido came to locate the tower then Tim came to check the signal, poor. They didn’t give up and put in a “bounce transmitter” closer to us. The next week we had Tim here again installing our internet. We have gone from 1GB on Farmside Satellite to 100GB.

Sharon Parkyn

Internet speeds are fabulous, I can finally open up a blog page with my kids and add photos to it within seconds. We were unable to do this all before, speeds are really great, everything one could want.

Morganne Bryan

We are all very happy with our Kiwiwifi here, also very thankful that you guys have made it all possible as most of us up the valley were sort of giving up hope of having a better service.

Peter Bryan

We are very happy with our internet and have appreciated your quick and efficient service. It was wonderful to get your service so quickly installed and since then the internet has been working consistently well.

Miranda Cerfontaine

Thank you for providing such an excellent system. We have tried other systems which caused many problems and did not give our customers a good product. We wanted a system which would operate hassle free and you have provided this. It is a pleasure doing business with you and your friendly back up service gives us great confidence in your product. We highly recommend your service.

Helen Borcovsky
Richmond Motel and Top 10 Holiday Park