Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my internet not working?

Please ensure all power and data cables are firmly plugged into your Kiwiwifi supplied devices, and antenna tightly screwed on where appropriate. Also power cycle your equipment by switching off at the wall or removing power for 30 seconds.

Why won’t my device connect to the Wi-Fi?

Most devices have a switch, hotkey or menu setting to enable or disable Wi-Fi. Please ensure this is enabled or turned on. Also check your Wi-Fi router is turned on, this may also need to be turned off then turned back on.

What can affect my connection speed when using Wi-Fi?

A lot of things can affect your connection speed while using Wi-Fi including: how far away you are from the main location of the signal; the direction of the modem; building layout and walls and other things between your device and modem; the number of wireless devices using the same hotspot.

What happens if I move house?

Just give us a call to check you’re the address of your new property to see if it is in the coverage area.

Am I able to change my Internet plan?

Yes, absolutely please just call us to arrange.

How much will it cost if I exceed my cap?

If you exceed your data cap, you will have the option to top up your data.


Low (0.3 GB per hour)

Medium (SD: 0.7 GB per hour)

High (Best video quality – up to 3 GB per hour for HD and 7 GB per hour for Ultra HD)

Auto (Adjusts automatically to deliver the highest possible quality – based on your current Internet connection speed)

To select a setting that works best for your Internet plan – navigate to the Your Account page and select Playback settings in the Your Profile section. It can take up to 8 hours for these changes to take effect. Restricting data usage may effect video quality while watching Netflix.

Initial Voicemail Setup from Users Handset 

First Time Setup

The first time you access Voicemail from your phone, you’ll be guided through the first-time setup of your Greeting and Password (PIN).

• From your VoIP Phone, dial *97 (and listen to the prompts)
• Enter your mailbox number and the default mailbox password, pressing # after each entry
• Follow the prompts to enter and re-enter your new password, pressing # after each entry

Note: Both your mailbox number and default password will be sent to you.

You will be prompted to record your new greeting > press any number when finished speaking > you will then have the following options:

• Press 1 to save once completed
• Press 2 to listen to your new recording
• Press 3 to rerecord and try again

Congratulations – your mailbox is now setup and ready for use.

Check Voicemail via your phone

From your VoIP Phone, dial *97 > enter your mailbox number and password:

• Press 1 to listen to new messages
o To save a Message, press 1
o To replay a Message, press 2
o To delete a Message, press 7
o To return to the main menu, press 0
• Press 2 to listen to saved messages

Make changes to your Voicemail Settings later

After the initial Voicemail setup, you have the option to make changes to settings when required.

• From your VoIP Phone, dial *97 > enter your mailbox number and password
• Press 5 to access settings > and choose from the following options:
o Press 1 to record your name
o Press 2 to change your greeting
o Press 3 to change your password